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Micronet Cloud Server

Sleek, intuitive, powerful front-end Server Infrastructure, faster and easier for deploying new business startups or simply migrate your existing server to the Cloud..

Let us deploy your own Windows OS Cloud Based Encrypted Micronet Server with all your Company's Software- Privacy on the web - through Encrypted Micronet- Allows safe communication over The WWW. Safe Surfing all the time Never lose Data again, No Updates, 99% Virus free Envirionment, access from any Windows or MAC PC from anywhere in the World. Employees can work from home. Avoid high cost of I.T. Staff and Server Hardware onsite. Cloud Based Computing is the future. Perfect for new Company Startups, all you need are the Workstations, Printers and High speed Internet. Get yours today and take your business to the Cloud.


Cloud Simplified

Micronet Cloud Server is your Virtual Business Server in the Cloud, accessable from anywhere in the World. Replaces your existing physical Server onsite. "To be 'in the Cloud' means that a server and/or application is hosted outside your network environment. An example of an application that is Cloud based would be gmail, hotmail, etc. Where your email application is actually running and stored in the Cloud (Internet). This is typically used by companies to lower onsite upkeep costs and for business continuity in case of a disaster.

Why the Cloud?

    •   Infrastructure. Get the IT resources you need, only when you need them. We can manage your needs with a focus on security and predictability. And pay only for what you use. Companies can reduce the need to build out and manage data centers, and IT can consolidate budget and facilities due to hardware efficiencies.
    •   Flexibility. Adjust cloud-based resources up and down to meet real-time needs, or offload onsite data to the cloud as needed to improve operational efficiencies. And since the cloud is Internet-based, you can access these resources from anywhere, supporting remote work and continuity of operations.
    •   Collaboration. The ability to more effectively communicate and collaborate has been touted for government agencies as one of the biggest benefits of adopting the cloud model. In many cases, the spark to use cloud computing will come from rank-and-file employees themselves seeking to have access at work to the cloud services that they use in their personal lives. With both the application and the data stored in the cloud, it becomes easy for multiple users—located anywhere in the world—to work together on the same project.
    •   Disaster recovery / continuity of operations. Centralized data storage, management, and backups, data recovery in response to local business disruptions can be faster and easier.
    •   Applications and content. Rather than waiting in the software procurement line, get hosted software, datasets, and services as they are released so you can focus your mission.
    •   Policies and regulations. Proceed carefully, but note how cloud computing can help you meet compliance requirements.
    •   Creative IT. Since cloud services can be centrally managed, IT workers are freed from a “keep-the-lights-on” approach, providing more time to foster creative problem-solving.
    •   Personal Services. Drive innovation with data services in the cloud that citizens can reuse. Offer your own Personal data Cloud.