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I.T. Hardware SuperMart - Global I.T. Solutions - "Micronet Cloud Server"

    PC Hardware Sales

    Our integrated Hardware  sales of Workstations, Laptops,Tablets, plus 10,000 differnet I.T. Hardware related products. Overstock Pricing for start ups. Get your Client Workstions, Laptops and Tablets here. Experiance  the power of our Client Side Smart Tablets. Enhace your Companies functionality and potential.  Unleash your online presence efficiently. Interface with your Cloud Server. Run your Business from anywhere! Cloud Server offices only need Local Workstations and  Printers to run a Complete Windows Server Envirionment. Click below to outfit your Business with Workstations, Laptops, Tablets. ..........

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    I.T. Services

    Harness the power of our Client I.T. Support Services. Our Team has over 30 years combined experiance. Enhance your Company‚Äôs functionality.  Unleash your online potential efficiently. Windows Server support. 24 Hour Support for your Business. Annual and Semi annual Support packages available. Remote Support and Offsite Cloud Based Backups to protect your precious data. We can demonstrate the effectiveness of Contract I.T. Services. Is your Network Secure? Is your Data safe? We can provide security features to your existing Network to avoid serious Network Intrusions. Click Below for more Information............

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    Micronet Cloud

    Micronet Cloud is a Remote Desktop Triggered Cloud based Personel PC. Privacy on the web  through Encrypted Micronet, allows safe communication over the  WWW. Safe Surfing all the time, for example; while out of Town in Town or out of the Country, WEB Based VPN Micronet out to Private Web server, Check mail surf web social media with-out RED State Monitoring. Access your Micronet Cloud sitting at any Windows or MAC PC, Smart or Super phone, Tablet or Phablet. Use your own Apps/Software and even Print Locally on your Workstation. Micronet Cloud PC is fully reponsive and ready to be used. " PC in the Sky" 

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    Cloud Server

    Let us deploy your own Windows OS Cloud Based Encrypted Micronet Server with all your Company's Software- Privacy on the web - through Encrypted Micronet- Allows safe communication over The WWW. Safe Surfing all the time Never lose Data again, No Updates, 99% Virus free Envirionment, access from any Windows or MAC PC from anywhere in the World. Employees can work from home. Avoid high cost of I.T. Staff and Server Hardware onsite. Cloud Based Computing is the future. Perfect for new Company Startups, all you need are the Workstations, Printers and High speed Internet Get yours today and take your business to the Cloud.
    * High Speed connection required

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Incredible Benefits   I.T. Hardware SuperMart - Global I.T. Solutions - "Micronet Cloud Server"

Save Time, Money, get the latest and Greatest Worktool available today! 

  •   I.T. Hardware SuperMart - Global I.T. Solutions - "Micronet Cloud Server"
  •   Global Micronet.Com provides a Cloud Based Work Envirionment that works great on any Win/Mac PC or Smart Phone.
  • One Year Free Support and Upgrades -- we don't think you'll need it, but if you do, it's there!
  • Comprehensive video tutorials to walk you through some of the tricky stuff.
  • Add optional enhancements that seamlessly integrate into your Cloud Server.
  • Call Us Today for a Free Evaluation of our Micronet Cloud.  1-606-679-4029

Your own Windows Server in the Cloud!

Join the new way of Managing all your I.T. needs with Micronet Cloud Server.